Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Edward Calling!

Dear Blog,

Did you know it is hotter here in Seattle than it is in Aruba,India and Texas?!?! It is horrible! What a lot of people who are not from this area do not understand is we have no a/c. We never need it here, it NEVER gets this hot (104 degrees) over the past few days we have broken all sorts of records, hottest night time temp, hottest day time temp,longest stretch of heat in WA, blah blah blah. Anyhow, I just had to get that off my hot sweaty chest!

Moving on.......So, I have this cousin who I love dearly, but, I am soo envious of her. )This is probably the only place I will admit that) She is a gorgeous Greek-O-Rican (Greek and Puerto Rican mix) married her collage sweetheart,professional, 1 liitle boy and two adorable dogs, perfect house in a perfect North Carolina town, everyone loves her, and to top it off, to make matters worse, she met my boyfriend on a girls weekend to New York City. Drum roll please.........Edward Cullen!!!! Some people may know him as Robert Pattinson. I mean really? She has all the luck. To make a long story short, she grew up in NY, knows all the stomping grounds. One of her friends found out via Twitter (love that Twitter) that Edward Cullen was outside at one of the local bars. Her and her friends ran their boo-tays off, found the freakin bar and sure enough, he was out back smoking (Robert Pattinson smokes, not MY Edward) She somehow managed to get a picture with him. I mean really? Nothing like this ever happens to me-if I were to run into anyone it would probably be some has been from a vh-1 reality show! I know, I know I am acting like a spoiled brat, but I am sooo jealous!!

So...are there any team Edward/Team Jacob fans out there? I love Twilight, cannot wait till New Moon. I have a Twilight/Edward diapers bag for my youngest,I went to the Twilight DVD release party (even though I am a thirty something mother of four) I have two beautiful Twilight posters hanging up in my living room (much to my husbands dismay)not to mention I live somewhat close to Forks, WA...that's Cullen territory. It should have been me that met him, waaaaaaaaa!!! I know my cousin was the one who introduced me to Twilight, I know she is just as big of a fan as I am, I know all this, and yet, I am still bothered by her meeting MY boyfriend.


Tim said...

Thanks for visiting The Fort!

You are just too funny! Shame on her for taking your boyfriend!

I hope your temps go down, we have had over 100 degree temps for over a month so Im not to sure that what you have is worse than us here in Texas, but without any ac im sure that it is.

Love and Prayers,


funkiimonkee said...

Really? I thought he was MY boyfriend! ahahah you're so funny! I am so jealous- I live all the way down under! Fat chance of meeting my love god!:)

Paging Doctor Mommy said...

I agree... it is too dang hot! But I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I'm used to the heat being that I'm originally from SC, but I'm NOT used to NOT having an AC. I finally convinced the hubby to put two in upstairs... one in our room and one in Reagan's room. Otherwise, we were all going to die o heat stroke in the middle of the night!

By the way, welcome to bloggy land. I'm be back again and again to see what you're up to.

Do you ever make it up to Canada? I'm just right across the border. I make it down your way fairly often!