Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Personal Space.....NOT!!

Dear Blog,
I was in the grocery today picking up a few last minute things. My kids have been pretty good (shocking!) so I decided I would pick them up some doughnuts. Yes, I should have stuck with strawberries and whip cream-maybe next time. This particular doughnut case is one of the better ones I have seen. Plenty to chose from, freshly baked. Second best to Krispy Kreme. Anyhow....I am standing there, minding my own business, having fun in choosing one doughnut for each of my kids. All of a sudden this lady comes up behind me, and when I say behind me I mean she barely gave me enough room to move. How rude!!!! I was hoping that once I was finished making my selections she would apologize, smile politely, something, anything. I got nothing!! I think there should not be one of those "please stand behind the red line" signs at the doughnut case. I need my personal space, I am not very comfortable if someone intrudes on my personal space....much less a complete stranger. So anyway, I let my annoyance get the best of me, walked away muttering under my breath "it's not as if she needed a doughnut". Have I mentioned I am Italian and I have a bad temper? I know, no excuse, but still......

Tomorrow starts the big diet, that should give me plenty of blogging material. I know, just what the blogging world needs, one more blog about dieting.

Till tomorrow.


ModernMom said...

UG..I can not stand people who don't respect personal space. They are usually the same peeps who had garlic for breakfast!

Theta Mom said...

Invading your personal space and not even excusing herself for it?! So annoying!
Lots of luck with the blog. I recently began blogging myself (I started at the beginning of the month). I noticed you followed so I am now following you! :)