Sunday, August 2, 2009

Jon&Kate (Yes, I had to go there)

Dear Blog,

Well I just cannot stand it anymore-I have to talk about Jon and Kate. Every time I turn the t.v on, I see promos for their Monday night show. I have been hearing soooooooo much (crap) about how poor Kate has to put a tent together all-by herself. Awwww, are we suppose to feel sorry for her? Some where in the next few episodes poor Jon will have to make the kids pizza all-by-himself. Really??? We all know they have money (mostly the children;s money) if it is THAT big of a deal for them, perhaps they should hire a pizza maker/tent put together person. A few weeks ago my garbage disposal was not working-what did I do, I googled "How to fix a garbage disposal" found my husbands tool box 20 min later all was good. I refuse to feel sorry for these people anymore. In my opinion they brought this on all-by themselves!! The biggest news of all is how the "iconic" couch will no longer be in the episodes- GASP!!-instead they will each have a chair and that chair may or may not have someone next to it. (I wonder if Kate's body guard will show up?)

I used to watch this show all the time-when it really WAS a reality show. Kate actually did a lot of the work herself and Jon went to work. I loved seeing them argue because truth be told, it reminded me of my husband and I. I enjoyed seeing her stressed out because that is what I was (am) a stressed out mother of four. Some where along the lines fame and greed took over and the show took a different direction. I am just sick of them, I do not care which harem of women Jon is chasing after, I do not care how many times Kate's go tanning, all I care about (aside from the loss of the iconic couch) are those kids.


Paging Doctor Mommy said...

I'm sick of Jon! But I will be tuned in tomorrow to see what happens. Especially since I think that this episode (or one of the next few) will show Kate with the kids at Wrightsville Beach and Wilmington, NC... where I just vacationed and grew up in the summers with my own family!

Anthony Ortolano said...

Ok I almost totally didn't even read this blog bc I saw Jon&Kate in the title lol, I can't STAND those two! So over them, I'm glad you feel the same lol

Tami said...

hope you don't mind another follower =)