Sunday, August 23, 2009

My Sunday has went buh-bye!

Dear Blog,

Today is Sunday and already everything is out of whack. We all know on occasion I may have a tendency to over react here and there, this "may" be on of those occasions,but I do not think so. My husband "NOT Edward Cullen" works over nights. He has been doing this for at least four years. Even though I hate him working nights,we have developed a routine that works for us. Recently he was put on four 10 hour days. This I did not mind because it gave him three days off. Anyone out there in Blogging Land who has ever worked the graveyard shift knows you need longer than two days to enjoy a day off. This morning,he comes home at 7:30 am and tells me everything is about to change (have I mentioned how much I hate change?) He was promoted to something or other-I believe I was kinda sorta tuning him out at this point,he will keep his four ten's (for now) BUT,this is what got me, his days off are likely going to change AGH!!!!!! For example,he was suppose to go in to work tonight at 9pm, now he has it off. Sunday nights is my t.v night (well, one of the more important nights) First on vh1 I have "Megan Wants A Millionaire" (don't judge me) then I head on over to Lifetime for "Army Wives" (tonight we find out what happened to Claudia Joy, my money says she is paralyzed) then after Army Wives we have "Drop Dead Diva" (love,love,love this show) so as you can see, this Twilight Mom has a good night ahead of her-at least I did! Now with "Not Edward Cullen" home,I do not know how things will unfold, and before anyone suggest it,I do not have a dvr thing to record the shows, or if I do I have no idea how to use it.

Well Dear Blog,that's it for now. I have to carry on my my Sunday ritual of pretending to keep busy, and we will see how this night unfolds.

Does everyone know who Edward Cullen is, should I post a picture :o)

I just noticed,about two blogs back I titled one of my post "A change is gonna come" of course I was just talking about my blog layout, but now I can truly see a change DID come...hmmmmm, I wonder if I am psychic?!

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Dear Blog,

It is finally here, my very new blog design layout by Krizzy Designs (see her button on the left). First, let me explain....unless you have been living under a rock, you are most likely familiar with the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer. I am addicted. I know I am a thirty-something year old wife and mother of four children,I know that my oldest son (15 yr old) is embarrassed of my Twilight fixation, he says it is not normal for his mother and girlfriend to be obsessed/in love with the same person (Edward Cullen). My husband swears up and down that I wish he was Edward Cullen, even though Edward is a fictional (not really) character. I am a Twilight Mom, some of your daughters may have seen me wearing my "Team Edward" t-shirt at the numerous DVD Twilight release parties they had. I cannot help it, addiction is a scary thing. Some people go to alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, food, I got to Edward/Twilight!

It may take me a day or two to get familiar with things around here,but I will be posting more. Before I go, tell me if you are a Twilight addict like moi, and if so, are you a Team Edward or Team Jacob?

Monday, August 17, 2009

A Change is gonna come....

Dear Blog,

I know I have been MIA the last few week or so. It seems I spend more time reading all the other blogs out there instead of working on my own. Then take into account the kids, the house,my "book" that is a slow work in progress, how do the ladies find the time to blog??

I decided first, I am going to give my blog or new makeover (and when I say "I" I mean I am going through Once the new blog look is complete I am sure I will be posting more often. All the "blogging rules" say to concentrate on content, not what your blog looks like-well, that's just not me. I know if I look good then I feel good, the same applies to you dear blog.

Be patient, it wont be too much longer,and just know that even if I am not posting daily, I am here in Blogger land, reading bout everyone else.

Monday, August 10, 2009

What Do YOU Think..good save or not?

Dear Blog,

Let me set this up for you. My VERY gay BFF (who is a guy-this is important info for later on) and I went to run some errands at my favorite store (Fred Meyer for those of you in the Pacific Northwest. My BFF and husband both have a very annoying, very bad smoking habit (unlike myself who quit smoking three years ago) I somehow get stuck with the task of buying the dreadful cancer sticks every two weeks. So here we are in line at the customer service. My BFF is ahead of me, the sales clerk is a young guy who I have seen throughout the store many times......and to be honest my "gay-dar" goes off every time I see him (this is also important info for later on). So...sales clerk guy calls my BFF up, BFF buys 5 packs of the cancer sticks, sales clerk asks to see ID. BFF pays for his cancer sticks, then waits there for me. I am now called up to the desk, I also need 5 packs of cancer sticks. Sales clerk guy does NOT id me.....what the heck??? My BFF laughs, and throws a little dig my way "hahaha, he asked for my id and not yours". This was completely unacceptable to me, my BFF looks older than I do (it's the facial hair-on him, not me!!) how on earth could HE be asked for his ID and not me? So...I ask sales clerk guy "Ummmm, how come you asked for his id and not mine?" he looks at me, then looks down at my wallet which I had opened to pay for the cancer sticks. "Ma'am....." (Ma'am, what is that about?!) "I can see your id and birthday right there, that's the only reason I did not ask" Ahhhhh, okay, I feel better, I just KNEW there had to be a logical explanation....until my BFF brings me back down "You do know he was just thinking on his feet, good save on his part" Noooooooo, this cannot be the case...not at all. I came home-threw the cancer sticks at my husband, told him from now on he would have to buy his own, and then I pouted for the remainder of the evening.......until it hit me. A-HA!!!!!!!!! The reason sales clerk guy asked my BFF for his id is because perhaps he was interested in him (remember by gay-day went off with him) and just wanted to see how old he was???? Yes, that makes perfect sense. By pretending to check his id when he is CLEARLY over 18 was just a show, sales clerk guy was checking out the 411!! Yes, problem solved....until I told my husband what happened-husband said "wow-dude came up with a good save" uh-huh. Why is it so hard to believe that I should have been asked for my id? I mean really!!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I caved!!

Dear Blog,

Well, just disregard my last blog-I caved!! I ended up watching Jon&Kate Plus 8. It would be nice to say that there really was not much on t.v last night. I just put it on for background noise, but I would be lying. Monday's are always a good t.v night for me. A recent favorite of mine is "Dance Your Ass Off" on oxygen, love this show!) "Kathy Griffin, My Life On The D List", the premier of "A Real Chance At Love" (yes, I even watch the bad ones). No matter how many times I would skim right past my TLC channel, something kept calling me to it, finally, I gave in and settled in on Jon and Kate Plus 8. Not too sure what it was that I was expecting,but afterwards I felt incomplete. A few things that stuck out in my mind,

~As much as Kate annoys me, she really looks good. I have no idea on what kind of plastic surgery she has had (other than the infamous tummy tuck)but she really does look good.

~ I liked how they showed a scene or two of Jon and Kate together and they were civil

~I fell in love with the coffee area Kate had made while her kitchen was being remolded. (I'll have an iced mocha please!)

What I did not enjoy....

~ As Kate was putting the tent together one of the little boys said something along the lines of "Daddy knows how to put a tent together really good" Kate's response, "yeah well Daddy is not here". I just thought that was a bit much, it was more her tone than anything else, however, in hindsight, I am thankful she did not say "yeah well, Daddy is off playing hanky-panky with the daughter of the DR who made Mommy look HAWT"

~How many bikinis does one need to take to the beach? I am sure this contradicts my previous statement about how good I think Kate looks these days-BUT-I just feel the bikinis are more for a photo shoot opportunity instead of just a casual outing at the beach.

I do not know if I am going to watch next week or not, probably, I mean really who am I kidding-but I have no doubt I will regret it, just as did this last episode.

Anyhow...tonight is Hawthorne and Saving Grace-two more new favorites of mine!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Jon&Kate (Yes, I had to go there)

Dear Blog,

Well I just cannot stand it anymore-I have to talk about Jon and Kate. Every time I turn the t.v on, I see promos for their Monday night show. I have been hearing soooooooo much (crap) about how poor Kate has to put a tent together all-by herself. Awwww, are we suppose to feel sorry for her? Some where in the next few episodes poor Jon will have to make the kids pizza all-by-himself. Really??? We all know they have money (mostly the children;s money) if it is THAT big of a deal for them, perhaps they should hire a pizza maker/tent put together person. A few weeks ago my garbage disposal was not working-what did I do, I googled "How to fix a garbage disposal" found my husbands tool box 20 min later all was good. I refuse to feel sorry for these people anymore. In my opinion they brought this on all-by themselves!! The biggest news of all is how the "iconic" couch will no longer be in the episodes- GASP!!-instead they will each have a chair and that chair may or may not have someone next to it. (I wonder if Kate's body guard will show up?)

I used to watch this show all the time-when it really WAS a reality show. Kate actually did a lot of the work herself and Jon went to work. I loved seeing them argue because truth be told, it reminded me of my husband and I. I enjoyed seeing her stressed out because that is what I was (am) a stressed out mother of four. Some where along the lines fame and greed took over and the show took a different direction. I am just sick of them, I do not care which harem of women Jon is chasing after, I do not care how many times Kate's go tanning, all I care about (aside from the loss of the iconic couch) are those kids.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Edward Calling!

Dear Blog,

Did you know it is hotter here in Seattle than it is in Aruba,India and Texas?!?! It is horrible! What a lot of people who are not from this area do not understand is we have no a/c. We never need it here, it NEVER gets this hot (104 degrees) over the past few days we have broken all sorts of records, hottest night time temp, hottest day time temp,longest stretch of heat in WA, blah blah blah. Anyhow, I just had to get that off my hot sweaty chest!

Moving on.......So, I have this cousin who I love dearly, but, I am soo envious of her. )This is probably the only place I will admit that) She is a gorgeous Greek-O-Rican (Greek and Puerto Rican mix) married her collage sweetheart,professional, 1 liitle boy and two adorable dogs, perfect house in a perfect North Carolina town, everyone loves her, and to top it off, to make matters worse, she met my boyfriend on a girls weekend to New York City. Drum roll please.........Edward Cullen!!!! Some people may know him as Robert Pattinson. I mean really? She has all the luck. To make a long story short, she grew up in NY, knows all the stomping grounds. One of her friends found out via Twitter (love that Twitter) that Edward Cullen was outside at one of the local bars. Her and her friends ran their boo-tays off, found the freakin bar and sure enough, he was out back smoking (Robert Pattinson smokes, not MY Edward) She somehow managed to get a picture with him. I mean really? Nothing like this ever happens to me-if I were to run into anyone it would probably be some has been from a vh-1 reality show! I know, I know I am acting like a spoiled brat, but I am sooo jealous!!

So...are there any team Edward/Team Jacob fans out there? I love Twilight, cannot wait till New Moon. I have a Twilight/Edward diapers bag for my youngest,I went to the Twilight DVD release party (even though I am a thirty something mother of four) I have two beautiful Twilight posters hanging up in my living room (much to my husbands dismay)not to mention I live somewhat close to Forks, WA...that's Cullen territory. It should have been me that met him, waaaaaaaaa!!! I know my cousin was the one who introduced me to Twilight, I know she is just as big of a fan as I am, I know all this, and yet, I am still bothered by her meeting MY boyfriend.