Sunday, August 23, 2009

My Sunday has went buh-bye!

Dear Blog,

Today is Sunday and already everything is out of whack. We all know on occasion I may have a tendency to over react here and there, this "may" be on of those occasions,but I do not think so. My husband "NOT Edward Cullen" works over nights. He has been doing this for at least four years. Even though I hate him working nights,we have developed a routine that works for us. Recently he was put on four 10 hour days. This I did not mind because it gave him three days off. Anyone out there in Blogging Land who has ever worked the graveyard shift knows you need longer than two days to enjoy a day off. This morning,he comes home at 7:30 am and tells me everything is about to change (have I mentioned how much I hate change?) He was promoted to something or other-I believe I was kinda sorta tuning him out at this point,he will keep his four ten's (for now) BUT,this is what got me, his days off are likely going to change AGH!!!!!! For example,he was suppose to go in to work tonight at 9pm, now he has it off. Sunday nights is my t.v night (well, one of the more important nights) First on vh1 I have "Megan Wants A Millionaire" (don't judge me) then I head on over to Lifetime for "Army Wives" (tonight we find out what happened to Claudia Joy, my money says she is paralyzed) then after Army Wives we have "Drop Dead Diva" (love,love,love this show) so as you can see, this Twilight Mom has a good night ahead of her-at least I did! Now with "Not Edward Cullen" home,I do not know how things will unfold, and before anyone suggest it,I do not have a dvr thing to record the shows, or if I do I have no idea how to use it.

Well Dear Blog,that's it for now. I have to carry on my my Sunday ritual of pretending to keep busy, and we will see how this night unfolds.

Does everyone know who Edward Cullen is, should I post a picture :o)

I just noticed,about two blogs back I titled one of my post "A change is gonna come" of course I was just talking about my blog layout, but now I can truly see a change DID come...hmmmmm, I wonder if I am psychic?!


ModernMom said...

I'm embarrased to say I have not read a single one of these books, and I truly love to read. Guess I better put it on my list!

Park Avenue Princess said...

Really cute blog! I'm having some giveaways and things...come by and introduce yourself!

x0xx Amy (Park-Avenue Princess)

and yes, I know who Edward Cullen is! you know the difference between Team Gale and Team Peeta...I may have just added to your addiction or found you a new one if you don't *wink*


Susan said...

I just bought Twilight. I'm half way through. I said I would never do it... but I needed SOMETHING for my flight home from California... now maybe I can actually comment appropriately to all your Edward posts???