Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I caved!!

Dear Blog,

Well, just disregard my last blog-I caved!! I ended up watching Jon&Kate Plus 8. It would be nice to say that there really was not much on t.v last night. I just put it on for background noise, but I would be lying. Monday's are always a good t.v night for me. A recent favorite of mine is "Dance Your Ass Off" on oxygen, love this show!) "Kathy Griffin, My Life On The D List", the premier of "A Real Chance At Love" (yes, I even watch the bad ones). No matter how many times I would skim right past my TLC channel, something kept calling me to it, finally, I gave in and settled in on Jon and Kate Plus 8. Not too sure what it was that I was expecting,but afterwards I felt incomplete. A few things that stuck out in my mind,

~As much as Kate annoys me, she really looks good. I have no idea on what kind of plastic surgery she has had (other than the infamous tummy tuck)but she really does look good.

~ I liked how they showed a scene or two of Jon and Kate together and they were civil

~I fell in love with the coffee area Kate had made while her kitchen was being remolded. (I'll have an iced mocha please!)

What I did not enjoy....

~ As Kate was putting the tent together one of the little boys said something along the lines of "Daddy knows how to put a tent together really good" Kate's response, "yeah well Daddy is not here". I just thought that was a bit much, it was more her tone than anything else, however, in hindsight, I am thankful she did not say "yeah well, Daddy is off playing hanky-panky with the daughter of the DR who made Mommy look HAWT"

~How many bikinis does one need to take to the beach? I am sure this contradicts my previous statement about how good I think Kate looks these days-BUT-I just feel the bikinis are more for a photo shoot opportunity instead of just a casual outing at the beach.

I do not know if I am going to watch next week or not, probably, I mean really who am I kidding-but I have no doubt I will regret it, just as did this last episode.

Anyhow...tonight is Hawthorne and Saving Grace-two more new favorites of mine!


Theta Mom said...

Ever since the whole media blitz, I can't seem to bring myself to watch them anymore...I feel like they are totally riding out this media plight and it's really sad. Ugh, the reality of reality television, right?

Nancy said...

Watched it too. I couldn't help but think that she had something done to her face. Something is just "different" and I couldn't figure out what it was.

Kelly's Ideas said...

Funny - I have never watched the show.. but geez those two parents make me made.. lol