Monday, August 10, 2009

What Do YOU Think..good save or not?

Dear Blog,

Let me set this up for you. My VERY gay BFF (who is a guy-this is important info for later on) and I went to run some errands at my favorite store (Fred Meyer for those of you in the Pacific Northwest. My BFF and husband both have a very annoying, very bad smoking habit (unlike myself who quit smoking three years ago) I somehow get stuck with the task of buying the dreadful cancer sticks every two weeks. So here we are in line at the customer service. My BFF is ahead of me, the sales clerk is a young guy who I have seen throughout the store many times......and to be honest my "gay-dar" goes off every time I see him (this is also important info for later on). So...sales clerk guy calls my BFF up, BFF buys 5 packs of the cancer sticks, sales clerk asks to see ID. BFF pays for his cancer sticks, then waits there for me. I am now called up to the desk, I also need 5 packs of cancer sticks. Sales clerk guy does NOT id me.....what the heck??? My BFF laughs, and throws a little dig my way "hahaha, he asked for my id and not yours". This was completely unacceptable to me, my BFF looks older than I do (it's the facial hair-on him, not me!!) how on earth could HE be asked for his ID and not me? So...I ask sales clerk guy "Ummmm, how come you asked for his id and not mine?" he looks at me, then looks down at my wallet which I had opened to pay for the cancer sticks. "Ma'am....." (Ma'am, what is that about?!) "I can see your id and birthday right there, that's the only reason I did not ask" Ahhhhh, okay, I feel better, I just KNEW there had to be a logical explanation....until my BFF brings me back down "You do know he was just thinking on his feet, good save on his part" Noooooooo, this cannot be the case...not at all. I came home-threw the cancer sticks at my husband, told him from now on he would have to buy his own, and then I pouted for the remainder of the evening.......until it hit me. A-HA!!!!!!!!! The reason sales clerk guy asked my BFF for his id is because perhaps he was interested in him (remember by gay-day went off with him) and just wanted to see how old he was???? Yes, that makes perfect sense. By pretending to check his id when he is CLEARLY over 18 was just a show, sales clerk guy was checking out the 411!! Yes, problem solved....until I told my husband what happened-husband said "wow-dude came up with a good save" uh-huh. Why is it so hard to believe that I should have been asked for my id? I mean really!!!


Anthony Ortolano said...

aww poor Jen, I honestly think he probably really did see your info already.

Theta Mom said...

Maybe he was just was trying to get a laugh out of the situation, already knowing your age. I'd be saying the same thing, "I mean really!" :)

JennyMac said...

haha! Great comeback on the Hub's part. LOL.